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Memorize numbers using Mnemonic Major System. This system is a number of rules according to which you can unambigously translate a word into a string of digits. We want to memorize words rather than numbers because it is easier. And ideally we use a word sequence that is easy to remember. If we remember the words and the mnemonic system rules on how to translate the words into digits, we can workout the original number. The Mnemonic Major System assigns digits to some consonant sounds - note that it is the pronounciation that matters, not the spelling. See the sliding tab on the right side for a quick reference of the translation rules. There is more information on how to use this app in the user guide. This message will disapper once you type into the entry field.
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0 s,z yes, zoo
1 t,d toy, day
2 n wing
3 m home
4 r ear
5 l whole
6 j,sh,ch jaw, show, issue, witch
7 k,g ok, guy
8 f,v few, view
9 p,b happy, bath

See the user guide.

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